New method of Green Card Cancellation, named “CancelGC”, has been added at the Green Card Web Service. This addition will be deployed in the test environments as of today (16/1/2018), and in productive environments on 24/1/2018, 18:00′. Documentation & Samples are available here

Fields “Premium” and “Gross Premium” have been added in the Green Card Header. This addition will be deployed in the test environments on 16/11/2017, 18:00′ and in productive environments on 29/11/2017, 18:00′. Documentation & Samples are available here

Field “Ins. Company No.” in Object “Claim Announcement” has been deprecated. The change will be deployed on the test environments on 15/11/2017 18:30 and on productive environments on 29/11/2017 18:30. Documentation can be found here

The following methods have been added on Navins Web Services Web Proposal & Renewal Service GetLastPostedContract(string documentNo, ref Root xmlPolicy): The method returns contract data updated with any changes made from endorsements. Method has been published on test & production environment on 21/9/2017

The following return codes have been added in GetApprovalStatus method. (3): Locked. Proposal / Renewal is locked for further editing by the Insurance Company. (77): Not found. Proposal / Renewal was not found (previously an exception was thrown in this case). Codes have been added on both Web Proposal & Web Renewal Services. Method input & output has no change. Detailed documentation can be found here. The improvement will be deployed

Due to request for additional testing on the addition of “Acquisition Date” field on Ins. Object, the new field will be added on Production Environment on Wednesday 19/7/2017.

The following property has been added to the Vehicle object on all automotive web services. Name: Acquisition_Date Type: Date Description: The date that the customer acquired the vehicle. The change will be uploaded on the test environment on Wednesday 28/6/2017 and on the production environment on Wednesday 12/7/2017. Documentation for automotive web services can be found here

The following method has been added on Web Proposal & Web Renewal services. The method is available in test environment from Monday 12/6/2017 and will be deployed on productive environment on Tuesday 13/6 evening. More info on the method added can be found here.

Changes described in the current post have been deployed in Navins Test Environment & will be deployed in Production Environment on Wednesday 22/3/2017.

Following the previous update, a new parameter has been added on “GetInfo” & “PostGC” methods. The updated methods will be deployed in Production environment on the 8th of February. The parameter is called “endorsement_No” and is a string passed as reference, which returns the Endorsement Number of the Green Card issued. Updated documentation can be found here