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Company & Mission

Diastasys was founded in 2007, having as mission to create and deliver robust enterprise software solutions that improve the business processes.

We service a wide spectrum of enterprises which are operating both in local and international markets.

Our vertical products and solutions combine superior functionality and integrated know-how.

We extend Microsoft’s platforms so that we can add value to the technological client’s investments.

In regards to our human capital, we excel by providing equal opportunities in order to create loyalty and excellence.
Having created a friendly and professional work-environment, we encourage our people to strive for personal goals and fulfillment.

Quality, innovation, open communication, team spirit and collaboration are embedded in the culture of our daily operations.

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Navins for Insurance

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementations

As ERP Microsoft Gold Partners, we provide a full-cycle of ERP implementation services on Microsoft Dynamics NAV ranging from: conceptual design, requirements analysis, development, testing, training as well as post and go-live support. We develop vertical systems that make Microsoft Dynamics NAV seamlessly fit in the corresponding industries. A very successful range of our NAV vertical developments are Navins for Insurance and Eregon for Project-oriented, Market-Research and Advertising sectors


Business Intelligence

In the strategic field of Business Intelligence, having partnered with the internationally acknowledged Qlik platform, we design and implement business intelligence solutions that unveil a 360-degree information management framework. Our thorough business knowledge that derives from highly complex ERP implementations, has provided us with the necessary acumen to transforming information to actionable knowledge in the area of Management Information.

Microsoft Windows Mobile - Android

Mobile Development

We provide Mobile Application Services that streamline the basic business activities and extend the day-to-day business capacity, improve operational processes, and manage the information flow and applications; running everywhere, anytime through mobile devices. In the past years, we have expanded our scope to incorporate our Mobile Applications in smart phones and tablets, covering the Android and Windows Mobile platforms.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Navins for Insurance

Navins for Insurance

Navins for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a business process improvement software solution designed for the Insurance Sector. It is a vertical solution that offers: innovation, integration and flexibility by improving the ease of doing insurance business. It has been designed and developed by software engineers to cover the needs of the insurance market by enabling companies to strictly focus on sales, service and operational tasks. As a fully Certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP Solution it provides best-of-breed administrative control for Insurance companies by covering their full business cycle of operations.

Navins does it all… anywhere !

It delivers a complete, familiar (as an integrated to Microsoft Office solution), with the tools to manage full business operations and assist people to achieve more. Being a comprehensive Insurance business solution, it allows for:

  • Unified working environment for internal and external users.
  • Multi-currency-Multi Company. To work globally with multi-currency and language capabilities.
  • Full Insurance & Re-Insurance Management (Proportional, Non-Proportional).
  • Multiple Insured Objects (Sites, Fleets).
  • End-to-end Claims Management.
  • Multi-level schemas of Commissions / Over-Commissions.
  • Dynamic Underwriting Rules.
  • Multi-level approval process based on dynamic rules.
  • Embedded Document Management.
  • Financial management and Accounting. Seamless updating from G/L entries to Cash and Banking management; a fully qualified Finance system.
  • Procurement management and operations. To track and manage inventory, orders, and vendors.
  • Business intelligence and reporting. To sustain real-time visibility and analytics by tracking performance and business insight.

Built on a modern technology platform with a role-tailored user experience, the solution integrates with existing systems and is easy to use. It can operate both as a Full Client environment for in-house operations, as well as a Web Client for commercial tasks related to external Agents and Brokers.

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NAVins for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: As Navins - being part of an ERP system - does it cover all of company operations seamlessly ? Do I need other systems running in parallel to Navins?

The extended and unified ERP – Microsoft Dynamics NAV – is specially designed to support integrated operations and strategy of insurance sector enterprises. Navins for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, based on the internationally acknowledged Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, ensures comprehensive management by unifying the different information subsystems of the enterprise, while fully supporting by user-friendly operational efficiency on a day-to-day basis for all operations. In this context, there is no actual need for another system in place or “bridging” to other software.

Q: Which Insurance Sectors are covered by Navins?

Navins fully covers the following Insurance sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Marine – Yachts
  • Property
  • General Liability
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Cargo
Q: Is Navins a browser-based Application?

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Web client is a website that you deploy and which your users can access from any browser.  Therefore, Navins works over Web browsers, tablets and mobile devices as well.

Q: Does the system support Insurance companies and Brokers?

Navins can be used both by Insurance companies and Brokerages as being an open and parametric system that can adapt to any kind of insurance business processes.

Q: Does it support company branches, multiple levels of agents, brokers and direct salesforce?

Yes. Navins supports multiple companies, branches, internal and external agents and brokers operations through the Web browser access. Entire teams of salesforce can perform all customer-centric operations i.e. Create and print insurance proposals, policies, endorsements, policy payments and all the required functions that pertain to business operations.

Q: As an Insurance company, how do I provide support to my channel?

All agents and sales-reps of an Insurance company can gain access to Navins for Microsoft Dynamics NAV through web browsers, exchange date through provided Web-Services, and operate as being an integral part of a sales-team.

Q: Is it a multi-currency system ? Is there a restriction on number or type of currencies?

Yes. It follows the specification of multi-currency that Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides and supports multiple currencies. Furthermore, Dynamics NAV allows you to transact business in any number of currencies for any customer and vendor. For example, companies can issue an invoice in one currency and accept payment for that invoice in a different currency, etc.

Q: Is it a multi-language system ? Is there a restriction on number or type of languages?

Yes. It follows the specification of multi-language that Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides and supports multiple languages. The users can switch languages on the client in real time, provided that the language is available in the program. The language module can be used to run Multilanguage functionality.

Q: Being a vertical on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, how is the licensing scheme of Navins?

Navins follows the licensing scheme of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  The types of licenses that can be used are:

  • Two-Level of User Profiles available: Full User & Limited User
  • Web client: as a fully Integrated operational environment for the sales-force and brokers of the company.
Q: How easy it is to migrate data from a current system to Navins?

Navins imports data from many sources. You can migrate existing customer data from an existing ERP or be-spoke system to Microsoft Dynamics NAV using the data migration tools of RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You can use Excel .xlsx files as the data carrier. You can also manually move the data by entering it directly into the company.

Q: Does it support Multiple-Insured objects?

Multiple Insured objects is an inherit capability of Navins. Therefore, and through parametrization of the system, objects can be easily created and rendered to policies creation as well as to endorsements. This parametrization provides optional use of objects per Insurance Category.

Q: How easily can I introduce insurance products or sectors?

Navins is designed to cover all insurance sectors / products. In order to achieve this, there is a special structure named: “Insurance Object”, where all relevant fields and information are stored. The Policy document for Navins contains: The Insurance Header, the Insurance Objects and relevant multiple Covers. This simple structure allows the user to create a brand-new product with simple steps. It is safe to assume that Navins possesses a very dynamic structure in order to cover any Insurance Product that exists. However, there is always a need to perform certain per-case modifications/amendments, which, one cannot design on his/her own merits unless there has been a preceded step of analytical specs for every Insurance Sector.

Q: How does it cater for commission schemes?

Commission schemes in Navins have been created in an easy-to-create and maintain logic. The use of commission-trees has been introduced in order for the management to create and modify commissions on a multi-layer approach with automatic calculations and re-calculations upon borkers’ and agents’ incentives. This development is one of many powerful developments of Navins, allowing group managers to flexibly maintain commission-schemes.

Q: If I switch to Navins, will I be able to manage my financial operations right through the system?

Navins through Dynamics NAV ERP, supports all financial operations seamlessly assisting accountants and financial analysts to extract the most essential business data from the chart of accounts, budgets, cash flow accounts and cost monitor the all the fiscal elements. All financial elements produced by Insurance core-processes are automatically updating all relevant accounts for all departments without administrative intervention.

Q: Can I have any type of document management in regards to importing documents and artifacts related to Insurance Claims?

By using the capabilities of Dynamics NAV 2015, Navins allows for document processing by means of importing objects related to Invoices, legal documentation of policies etc. in formats of PDF, Jpeg, and Word documents.

Q: Does Navins have standard reports or business intelligence module?

Navins provides a “Global View” of an Insurance enterprise through fast report production, adequate information layout design, and distribution of the critical information resulting to tactical & strategic decision making. It effectively turns data into actionable knowledge through multidimensional analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) using a very friendly interface for the user.


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