The following web service changes will be available on UAT environments on 18/11 & on Production environments on 2/12 19:00

Addition of simplified method to upload attachments on Insurance Document:

  • UploadDocuments method has been added on WS Proposal, WS Renewal, WS Endorsement Services and is offered as a simplified alternative to AppendAttachedDocuments.
    It takes as parameters the Document Number and an array of Attachements (same type as the one ion Append method). The difference compared to Append method is that Upload does not perform delete or overwrite on existing attachments.
  • The following fields have been added to Navins’ Web Services objects, both for the automotive and for other insurance categories, across Ins. Line elements (therefore for both posted and unposted documents):
    • Deductible Description
    • Final Deductible Amount

More details are available in WS documentation.

Updated documentation can be found here