The following fields are added on Claim & Claimant objects in Automotive Claim Web Service. Details regarding the new fields can be found in Web Service documentation.


  • Skip External Claim Check
  • Claim Type
  • Claim Group Type
  • Liability Code
  • YSAE Reason Code
  • Custom Fields 1-3


  • Occupant
  • Claimant Liability Statement
  • Claimant Liability Code
  • Claimant YSAE Type Code
  • Other Ins. Company No.
  • Other Ins. Company Name
  • Other License No.
  • Other Name
  • Other Policy No.
  • Other Driver Name

Changes affect only Navins version 2018 installations.

The changes will be deployed on the test environments on 5/6/2019 18:30 and on productive environments on 3/7/2019 18:30.

Documentation can be found here